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Pricing Details

Routine Maintenance Appointments:

Verruca Treatments:

Verrucas are treated differently according to whether they cause pain &/or disability, the number & location of the lesions, length of time they have been present & whether the patient is an adult or child.
There are various treatment options available & they will be discussed with you at your appointment.

Prices start at £23 per treatment for chemical treatments,
Freezing with liquid nitrogen will start at £35 per treatment.

Biomechanical Assessment & Orthotics:

This involves looking at the way the foot & ankle function. Abnormal foot mechanics can cause problems not only in the foot but also in the knees hips & back. Orthotics are inserts used inside the shoe to stabilise the foot & so prevent/treat any related problems

The podiatrist will observe & test the range of movements in the joints & perhaps look at the way you walk, stand etc, in order to reach a diagnosis.

In the first instance temporary insoles are often used to determine the best type of orthotic to use & then more permanent orthotics maybe prescribed. This will be agreed with you as the type of footwear worn will affect the type of orthotic chosen. We use pre-casted orthotics that are heat moulded to your foot.

Temporary insoles start at £10

Orthotics start at £35

Nail Surgery:

If necessary, ingrowing nails can be corrected by a simple surgical procedure called ‘partial nail avulsion’. This is where a section of the nail is removed under local anaesthetic & a chemical used to destroy that part of the nail bed so that the section of nail does not re-grow.

Patients will usually need an assessment first to check medical history, circulation & suitability for the procedure. The actual procedure takes around an hour in total & the toe usually needs several follow up appointments over a few weeks to make sure it is healing. Patients will be given instructions on self care in between re- dressing appointments.

Prices for nail surgery start at £240.00 & include follow up re-dressing appointments.

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