First Visit only £35!

No matter what your foot problem is, we only charge £35 for the first appointment. This covers your initial patient registration, diagnosis (if possible), as well as any  treatment & advice that may be necessary. Your treatment plan will be discussed & any follow up appointments arranged.

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Routine Follow up Appointments

  • Corn and callus removal Nail cutting and reduction of thickened nails Treatment for ingrowing nails Annual foothealth screening for diabetics and other high risk groups Footcare and footwear advice.

Biomechanical assessment

from £8000
  • This involves looking at the way the foot and ankle function. Abnormal foot mechanics can cause problems not only in the foot but also in the knees hips & back. Orthotics are inserts used inside the shoe to stabilise the foot & so prevent/treat any related problems The podiatrist will observe & test the range of movements in the joints & perhaps look at the way you walk, stand etc, in order to reach a diagnosis. In the first instance temporary insoles are often used to determine the best type of orthotic to use & then more permanent orthotics maybe prescribed. This will be agreed with you as the type of footwear worn will affect the type of orthotic chosen. We use pre-casted orthotics that are heat moulded to your foot.

Nail Surgery

from £22000
  • If necessary, ingrowing nails can be corrected by a simple surgical procedure called ‘partial nail avulsion’. This is where a section of the nail is removed under local anaesthetic & a chemical used to destroy that part of the nail bed so that the section of nail does not re-grow. Patients will usually need an assessment first to check medical history, circulation & suitability for the procedure. The actual procedure takes around an hour in total & the toe usually needs several follow up appointments over a few weeks to make sure it is healing. Patients will be given instructions on self care in between re- dressing appointments. Prices for nail surgery start at £220.00 and include follow up re-dressing appointments.

Prescription Insoles / Orthotics

from £3500
  • Insoles and precasted orthotics
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